Kalye Taktiko

Learn from the best to defend yourself on the streets

Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones and be at ease on the streets

What is

Kalye Taktiko

Kalye Taktiko is a direct translation of Street Tactics or being Street Technical. We came up with this a concept and later became as an art so we can address proper self-defense on the streets. Learning Kalye Taktiko will arm you with the skills to survive in threats in the streets.

Why learn

Kalye Taktiko

No matter how much we avoid fights, there will be times that you will need to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Kalye Taktiko’s emphasis on defending your personal space will be your best asset in protecting yourself and those around you.

In this course your will expect

Learn from the expert

The Chief - Alvin Aguilar

A natural-born leader, who commands respect. He doesn’t revel in his position, because taking charge is in his nature. Get him into any group, and he will lead.


Self-aware and takes praises and criticisms graciously. He is not one who is easily offended. He doesn’t pay attention to anyone whose only intention is to bash or discredit him.


While he is quick to react, he does not allow his emotions to cloud or consume him, especially in fights. He wants to be focused on his goals. He relies on his confidants with whom he shares his ideas, and to help keep him focused giving him advice and support, and fend of distractions.


He exhibits humility,  empowers others with self-control, knowing our limits, being externally aware of our surroundings, and being receptive to constructive criticism. One of his biggest human traits that martial arts develops in practitioners is humility.


Gentle to all that endear him. He can be stern, but will not intimidate nor strike fear. He is an ordinary human to people closest to him.


Drawn to the weak and oppressed, having the powers and skills to defend them. It is easier for him to confront someone else’s tormentor than his own.

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