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Kalye Taktiko is a direct translation of Street Tactics or being Street Technical. We came up with this a concept and later became as an art so we can address proper
self-defense on the streets. Learning Kalye Taktiko will arm you with the skills to survive in threats in the streets.

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Alvin "The Chief" Aguilar

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Course Popular Topics

These are just some of the Street Techniques that will be covered in the lessons.

Self Defense

Knife Fighting



Slashing / Stabbing

Punch / Kick


Drills, Drills & Drills


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Good Internet Connection

Good internet connection is highly recommended.

Training Buddy

A lot of the video lessons demonstrates actual strategies with a partner.

Physical & Mental Activities

Street Fights most of the time do not choose, it chooses and you to fight sometimes even if you tried to avoid it. Be prepared for some advance physicality of the process.

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